“Elegant original jewelry creations with Beauty, Grace and Power™”


Alan welcomes you to an exciting and dynamic website devoted to the world of finely crafted jewelry, awesome diamonds and fabulous gemstones.  Centuries of tradition have surrounded the giving of jewelry to mark important occasions in our lives and man's history is seen in the antiquities of civilizations through its artisans of which the jeweler has always been an important member of every society. My goal is to create a desire for you to own natural precious gifts from the earth that are transformed into artful pieces of jewelry that will be enjoyed for a lifetime and become a family treasure worn by future gemerations.

I am always available to answer any jewelry or gemstone question. So let your curiosity get the best of you and discover the wonderful world of jewelry and gemstones.

Offering The Finest

Diamonds ....."No Excuses, We're Ideal™"

I offer you the best in GIA Certified Triple Excellent Cut Diamonds in all sizes, qualities and price ranges

Read my diamond buying guide and you will have 100% confidence in buying your diamond from Royal Jewelry Design ....for more information

Gemstones ....... "World Class Gems for Everyone™"

Excite your senses with the natural wonder of beautiful colored gemstones. All varieties, all colors, and prices from $3 per carat and up.   

Custom Design ......"Jewelry of Beauty, Grace & Power™"

A step by step personal service creating jewelry to celebrate life's special moments. A treasure you will enjoy for a lifetime and an heirloom for generations..... for more information 


 “Elegant original jewelry creations with Beauty, Grace and Power™”


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Royal Jewelry Design
Elegant Original Jewelry Creations
with Beauty, Grace and Power
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