Color Excites the Senses

Everyone has a natural affinity for at least one color that makes you feel good or get's a comment like, "you look great in that color". People also respond to gem crystals for their color and their physical properties in the same way. 

Many times when showing gemstones to clients, family and friends you can't but notice a wide-eye "gotcha" look from a gem in my collection. You become captivated by your favorite color from a gem crystal that might be your birthstone or a gem species that you never heard of before. The color may be so vivid you have trouble giving it back to me; or, it may be a soft pastel that says, "relax and enjoy".

I believe everyone can own and enjoy beautiful gemstones and I know I have one just for you that will enrich your life and excite your senses. Call today and find out about owning a gem treasure from the Earth.

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World Gem Report July 2011

The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show in February and Hong Kong Gem Show in early March showed high demand for larger finer gems. The price of rough gem materials are higher in price if you can find the quality you want and many US dealers are diverting goods to the far East for excellent turnover with no price resistence. All nicer to fine gems in the American market are at their lowest price points that will not be seen again once the existing inventory is sold. As of the end of June the price movement of many gems are higher and some tourmalines are disappearing from American dealers' inventories.   

We have great values on Sapphires of all colors to 4 carats, beautiful clean pink to red tourmalines are currently plentiful and a great value at modest prices. Many beautiful matched pairs for earrings available. Call us today for your favorite gem.

Inventory Clearance on Loose Gems

Save 30% to 50% 

Royal Jewelry Design is having an unprecedented sale on its fine gem collection. Buy the gem you always wanted at prices that I 100% guaranty will be the best buy for beauty and value you can ever get.

All Garnets for January are 50% off all varieties. From the common gems you see in stores to the exotics like Tsavorite,Spessertite, Rhodalite and others like Color-Changers from Sri Lanka that look just like very expensive alexandrites.


Sample Prices for Exotic Garnets

Chrome Pyrope Garnet, Arizona; No treatments; Vivid red flash, Very rare at 2-carats and up. Picture is an 8.5mm round, 2.31ct, Retail $450pc Sale Price $520.00 @ 225pc